Nepal Gold and Silver Rate today 

Nepal Gold and Silver Rate today by Bistar News. Know the daily Updates of Gold and Silver price in tola as well as gram in website. Guys know the latest updates of the daily gold and silver.

Nepal gold and Silver rate today
Today Nepali Silver and Gold Price

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We are writing you this post so that you will always get updated about the latest trending gold price in Nepalese market. If you are visiting this post for the first time then you highly recommend you to bookmark this page because everyday gold and silver price is updated. 

gold/silver price is important for the gold businessman What?

Gold and silver businessman always involve in selling and buying. Daily updates of the gold and silver price is very important for such businessman. There is daily fluctuation of gold and silver price in Nepal.  

Types of Karat of Gold in the World

  • 24 Karats Gold

  • 22 Karats Gold

  • 18 Karats Gold

  • 14 Karats Gold

  • 12 Karats Gold

  • 10 Karats Gold


24 Karats Gold is determined as most purest gold but it is not much popular in the market for making ornaments. mostly 22 Karat of gold is used to make different ornaments. 


Different Between 24 Karat, 22 Karat, 18 Karat, 14 Karat, 12 Karat & 10 Karat Gold

What is Carat and Karat? 

Carat is associated with Gemstones and used to measure the purity of Gemstones symbolically known as Ct.

Karat is associated with the gold. K is the symbol to determine the total karats. Gold is considered as a precious metal for making ornaments that we wear in neck, ear, hands, etc.

24 Karats Gold means?

The 24 Karats Gold is the purest form of gold which is 100 percent pure but we call it 99.99 percent pure because there is nothing 100 percent pure in the world. There are different 24 parts in 24 Karat Gold. Gold Karat is calculated as,

  • 24/24*100=100% Gold

There is no other Karat like 24K and 26K. 24 Karat gold is the pure gold so it is most expensive gold than 22K and 18K. 24 Karat Gold is flexible and soft due to which ornaments are not made from this gold. Very less numbers of ornament are made from 24 Karat Gold. 


The purest form of gold is 24 Karats which is soft and flexible. So we can add alloys to make the 24 Karats gold stronger and make ornaments. 24 Karats is rich yellow color gold.     

What is 22 Karat Gold?

The 22 Karats Gold is also known as 916 Gold. In 22 Karat gold there is only 91.6 percent gold. As you know that there are 22 parts gold out of 24 parts in 22 Karat Gold. 22 Karat Gold is calculated as,

  • 22/24*100=91.67%

We remove decimal from 91.67 which become 916 gold. There is 91.67 percent pure gold and remaining 8.33 percent silver, copper, nickel are added. Most of the gold ornaments are prepared from 22 Karat Gold. For the long lasting of ornaments 22 Karat gold is best.

What is 18 Karat Gold?

In the 18K gold there is only 18 parts gold out of 24 parts which become 75 percent pure gold while 25 percent is fulfilled by adding silver, copper and nickel. It can be calculated as,

  • 18/24*100=75% Gold

Most of the diamond ornaments are made in 18 Karat gold. 18 Karat gold color is lighter than 24 Karat and 22 Karat gold. The 18 Karat gold price is lower than 24 Karat and 22 Karat gold.

What is 14 Karat Gold?

Now, let us know about 14 Karat gold and its purity. There is only 14 parts gold out of 24 parts of gold in 14 Karat Gold. If we calculate in the percent then it can be calculated as,

  • 14/24*100=58.33% Gold

Remaining percent in 14 Karat gold is fulfilled after adding Silver, Copper and Nickel or alloys.

Other Karats Gold

There is also 12 Karats Gold where 50% pure gold is available.

Also, you could also find 10 Karat gold which is 41.67% pure and other materials are mixed. 

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Gold Price Calculated in Nepal

Gold Price is calculated in Rs. in Nepal. current gold price in Nepal is below 100k in the market. in this past several years we can see that the gold price of Nepal is between 50k to 100k but not 100k exactly. 
Gold importance for the Government 
The importance for any country determines it's strength. The more gold any country government have the more rich country it is determined. Till now there is no any gold ore found in Nepal except sunkoshi river. But many people and foreigner are telling that there is huge amount of gold in Nepal.

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