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When is Bikram Sambat Celebrated in Nepal?

It is the national calendar of Nepal and India based on the Hindu calendar. It is 56 years, 8 months and 15 days ahead of the English calendar. In this calendar, the year starts from the first day of Baishakh. New Year's Day falls on the 13th or 14th of April. Historians have mentioned that the practice of Bikram Samvat officially started in Nepal from the time of Chandra Shamsher. The days of the month have been determined on the basis of Aries Sankranti from Bikram Samvat 1961 BS. Bikram Samvat New Year is celebrated more in Nepal. On this day, it is customary to make new resolutions, gather family and friends, go on picnics, eat sweets and share happiness. Nowadays, the practice of walking around in the new year has also increased.


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How did Vikram Samvat come into trend in Nepal?

It has been 111 years since the current trending Vikram Samvat started in Nepal. Before this, Nepal Samvat was implemented for 135 years and even before that for 890 years. History about that I'm over here.

Nepal Samvat is such a samvat, which was created in the geography of Nepal. It is not by the name of one person, but by the name of the nation. History speaks, during the time of King Raghavdev, a common man named Sankhadhar started this samvat by removing loans across the country in 879 It ruled in the Nepal pit as a political samvat for 890 years. After Prithvi Narayan Shah took Nepal in 1769, he ran Shak Samvat and the political continuity of Nepal Samvat was broken. Even after this Samvat, it seems to have been used during the agreement with Tibet during Pratap Singh Shah. The continuation of Shakt Samvat started by Prithvi Narayan Shah remained till the time of King Tribhuwan in 1904 that is 135 years. Then Bikram Samvat started from 1961 April 1 The age of its political status in Nepal is 111 years old.

How did Nepal Samvat and Shak Samvat be removed?

It is said that it would have been difficult in the government system if Shak Samvat and Nepal Samvat both were running on the basis of dates and the status of dates would be ahead or backward. To make it easier, Chandra Shamsher took the advice of astrologers and started Vikram Samvat 1961 Aries Sankranti in Nepal from Baishakh 1 by taking the advice of astrologers.

What is memorable is that if Nepal Samvat and Shak Samvat is a year of 354 days, then the year of Vikram Samvat will be completed in 365 days, 15 ghadi, 31 pala, 31 pratipal. No matter the mathematical calculation, it is the opinion of many scholars that Chandra Shamsher's pride of being Suryavanshi is running Vikram Samvat. In my opinion, as Vikram Samvat has been established in the Indian subcontinent since the past, as a symbol of the victory of Hindu nationalism over non-Hindu race, Chandra Shamsher has run this samvat in the pride of victory over the Himalayan tribes.

Whatever is the political samvat, Nepal Samvat Chandrama's date is due to the public, it is continuing to calculate the dates of festival, birth, death etc. and using the dates of China, religious paper, books, rocks, metal paper etc.

But what is to mention is that Vikram Samwat was opposed in the 16 s after 1920 years of declaring it as a political samvat. Nepal language agitator Buddhist scholar Dharmaditya Dharmacharya had started a campaign to establish Nepal Samvat as a political samvat in Calcutta. Then after the death of Rana rule in 1950, it was taken forward as a movement by language, literature and cultural workers. Later from 1979, Nepal language Manka Khal: took this campaign forward organizedly.

The Panchayat government also rallied peaceful rallies to suppress this movement and beat the campaigners and jailed. Finally, after the death of the Panchayat period, in 1990, its founder Sankhadhar was given political honour by considering Bibhuti. After the death of more Shahakal, in 2008, the government declared Nepal Samvat as a National Samvat and on 2011 October 25, it formed a working team to recommend its implementation process. From 2013, the trend of giving holiday to the first day of Nepal Samvat as a new year has been established. When Vikram Samvat or Shak Samvat is considered as imported Samvat, the soil lovers of Nepal consider Nepal Samvat as the pride of Nepali.

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Many patriotic thinkers want Nepal Samvat to sit in this place after imported Bikram Samvat gets a political position. Even though Vikram Samvat is imp

orted, I think it is not necessary to keep Nepal Samvat as a foreigner to establish it. Several imported values we have, which are more prevalent than what we have created on our own soil whic

h has been our remarkable investment in nutrition an

d promotion. That's why I believe that Bikram Samvat has invested this soil as well, we can m

aintain Nepal Samvat at the same height.

Bikram Samvat is called Foreign Samvat as it was established by the King of Malvi in India today and it was continued by his name. But what is considerable is that when it started, neither Nepal nor India was formed. These lands were distributed in thousands of districts and were fallen thousands of times under hundreds of states through which, som

etimes. The land of Himwatkhand spreads from Manas to South Ganga river in the north and from Kamarup Brahmaputra to Hindu mountain in the west has created a lot of value. Cleaned all of them with centuries. Thousands of states were established in this land during this period and were destroyed. But the continuation and sophistication process of those cultural funds never stopped.

Fact of Born of Vikramaditya in Nepal or India?

 It is not in Nepal that the founder of Bikram Samvat Bikramaditya is today's Nepali role. Even if history doesn't give any evidence, many folklores and monuments confirm this. Like:
1) The place where Vikramaditya's throne was found with thirty-two butterflies was called Battisputali.
2) Lichhavi Raja Bhumivarma is Vikramaditya.
3) Vikramaditya has received Parasamani from Bajrayogini and established Narayanhiti.
4) The statue of Vikramaditya Raja has been installed near the temple of Sankhu Bajrayogini.
5) Vikramaditya Raja had ruled in the name of Uttarapur state in Nala.
6) Vikramaditya was born from a young sage who was pregnant by eating ejaculated semen in Panauti. Etc.

But none of these sayings have been confirmed historical. Rather, Samantha Nanyadev of Chalukyavanshi Vikramaditya Shastha of eleventh century Karnataka tried to invade Nepal from Simraungadh in 1097 during Raja Bamdev's time to set his status here. I think the folk story available with the same fact has become chubby.

The context of this folk story doesn't match the history of the sixth Vikramaditya, yet his Samantha Nanyadev has said that the victory song or fame of the same winner Vikramaditya was flowing here.

In Indian history, many Vikramaditya are seen not one. More Vikramaditya is not the name of any king, it seems to be the title of a powerful king. History proves that the powerful kings who fight, win and protect their culture are considered 'Vikramaditya' more than Hindus.

For example: The first Vikramaditya Malvi's Satkarni (100 BC to 440). He chased away foreign doubts and adored himself with the title of Vikramaditya. He started a new Samvat in 57, which was later called Vikram Samvat. Tribhuwan Malla of the eleventh Karnataka, Chandragupta II, second son of Pulkishan and his grandson, in the late fifth century, has been seen to hold the title of Vikramaditya.

Tribhuwan Malla Vikramaditya Sastha will be Vikramaditya seen in the dental tradition of Nepal. It is also mentioned in Indian history that he established a new Samvat by Shak Samvat (Ancient India, part 161).

At that time, the people of Hindu nations divided into thousands of states made the symbol of Hindu nationalism 'Vikramaditya' their ideal hero in common. All Hindu nations made the tradition of Vikramaditya their own. In the same way, Panauti who was ruling the Chalukya dynasty also made Vikramaditya his own. Whether it is a drain or a sankhu, it is the same thing that the people available there are.

This is how Vikramadityas were not bound to any political geography. That's why even though Vikram Samvat has been in trend in Nepal since a short time, it is a very common Samvat that is the heritage of us Nepalese. We can't even deny our own folk dental tradition. That's why I feel sad when Vikram Samvat is made an Indian to make Nepal Samvat a complete Nepali.
But what is the point of talking, why did Chandra Shamsher set up Vikram Samvat by making Shak Samvat? As said above, how much correct is the reason for the trend of Bikram Samvat, which has stable speed of the sun for simplicity in administrative work? Where is the date of Vikram Samvat as compared to Isvi Samvat? This is also falling up and down. In the same way, what does the use of the date at the bottom do? Every culture of Hindu culture is implemented on the date of the moon. What is the use of this in administrative work? I think all these arguments are the reasons why the Pandits of Rana and Shah dynasty have to raise their reputation.

It is understood from Indian history that Hindu nationalism is clearly dominated in the replacement of Vikram Samvat. Chandra Shamsher was proud to be a Rajput and a fever of Hindu nationalism. Shak Samvat was going on. Chandra Shamsher established the symbol of Hindu nationalism ′′ Vikram Samvat ′′ to show the pride of Rajputs's victory over Nepali land in the misguide of the priests. There is no other concrete reason to change the Samvat. If he had Nepali nationalism, he could have replaced Nepal Samvat again. But in his view Nepal Samvat was a samvat established by the son of a conquered minor community, it was probably not acceptable to him.

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