Today Rashifal Updated Daily 

The Daily Updates of Rashifal or Horoscope for knowing our daily life activity according to the astrology point of view. 

Aajako Rashifal
Aaja Ko Rashifal Daily Rashifal

People want to know their day before they start. According to the Horoscope or Rashifal they try to makeup their daily life fruitful.


Horoscope in Nepali Language

  1. Mesh 
  2. Brish 
  3. Mithun 
  4. Singha 
  5. Kanya
  6.  Tula
  7.  Brischik
  8.  Dhanu
  9.  Makar
  10.  Kumbha
  11.  Min

 All are called Rashi in Nepali. Almost all the people of Nepal believe in their daily rashifal. They are always positive towards the happening after reading rashifal.


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