All or None(AON) Feature Effect:- Today, we are here to let you know about AON Full form 'All or None' in case buy or share of share in the Stock exchange.The 'AON' option, which is used when trading in the stock market, should be applied equally to both buying and selling in the case of trading.

All or None(AON) Feature Effect
AON features relation to Broker Transaction Fees

This AON facility need to be installed while you are buying share or selling share through online or offline.

Effect of AON in Stock market

For a long time, if AON facility has been installed only for sale. If this AON feature has been removed in the purchase. Due to this, even in transactions of similar nature buy or sale have difference in commission and the stock market itself. The stock market has been on a does not give positive signal to the stock market and thus starts downward trends in long term. spiral since the removal of the AON system in purchases. 


Who is able to Install AON Feature

AON feature facility on buy and sale of stock could be provided by Security Board of any country. The negotiation between brokers companies and SEB could also include or not include this features.


AON feature on Buy Effect

By installing AON feature in the purchase, the buyer can buy only one lump sum at the price he / she wants. Buy or sale of stock cannot done through small pieces matching. Due to which the natural ups and downs in the market may decrease.

When there is a lump sum transaction through AON, the commission rate of the transaction is traded at a lower commission rate. The small pieces of transaction could benefit the broker companies and could charge maximum transaction fee from the buyers.

In our view, it is necessary to install AON facility in the while buying and selling stocks from the stock market. This is more in benefit for the investors performing the daily transactions. 



We would like to conclude that we hope that this article about All or none has benefited you and your knowledge have been broader. For more knowledge about the stock market stay tuned and increase your value of money. 


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