How to Apply Latest IPO Share Issue:- Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited has issued ordinary shares to general public. The company has opened the sale of Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the public from today i.e. July 13 2022 (29th Ashar 2079)

How to Apply latest IPO
Apply Rapti hydro share

Rapti Hydro Symbol

Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited symbol is RHGCL. You could name Rapti hydro in symbolically as RHGPL IPO. 


About Rapti Hydro & General Construction Limited

Rapti Hydropower company was established on 5 Kartik 2065 (October 21, 2008) Under the companies act 2063 BS with company registered address at Kathmandu 11, Bluestar Complex. 

The objective to develop hydro power project to make the prosperous country in the world. Currently this company is developing 5 MW Gad Hydropower Project in the Eastern Part of Rukum situated in Sisne and Bhume Gaunpalika under its own license. 

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Issued for Local Level Earlier

The company had earlier issued a total of 2,366,240 shares, including the remaining 37,623 shares, for the local people of the project-affected areas.


Share Apply Quantity

As per the share invitation letter by the company, out of the total issued shares, three percent or 70 thousand 988 shares have been reserved for employees and five percent or 1 lakh 18 thousand 312 shares for collective investment funds.

The general investors could apply for the remaining 92 percent or 2,176,940 shares out of total issue. Our suggestion is not to apply for more than 10 units but this does not means that you cannot apply more. Its on your hand to apply the required quantity of shares.

RHGCL IPO Apply Date and Time 

Investors can apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 21 Lakh unit shares till July 17, and if the demand is not met within that period, the deadline will be extended till July 25.

  • Issue Open Date 2022-07-13 10:00 AM
  • Issue Close Date2022-07-17 5:00 PM


How to Apply Rapti Hydro IPO Share

Investors can apply visiting the nearest bank and financial institution participating in the ASBA service as well as through meroshare official website and app to apply this share.

  1. Login to your Meroshare account
  2. Go to My ASBA
  3. Click on Apply RHGCL share
  4. Choose your bank, select the units, Type CRN Number
  5. Click Next
  6. Type 4 Digit Pin 
  7. Apply for share

ICRA Nepal has been given B rating for Rapti hydro. This shows that the position of the company is average. This also shows the company is more at the safer side to invest. Siddhartha Capital limited is the issue and sales manager of the company and Muktinath Capital is the co-issue and sales manager. 



If you have any confusion regarding applying the share then you could directly contact by the means of comment. If you want any updates regarding upcoming IPO then stay tuned with us and share this information with friends. 

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