Recently, Mahindra's Electric Cars come up with exciting New Models cars coming soon! in the market. Mahindra taking a big leap in EV, preparing to launch 5 new models within 3 years. Mahindra Group plans to introduce 5 models of electric vehicles (EV) within 3 years. 


Mahendra XUV, BE Model EV Motors
Mahendra XUV, BE Model EV Motors

The company said that it is working on a plan to bring 5 models of EVs to the market by October 2026. this is the big Plans for Electric Cars by Mahindra Group's which is Exciting news. So get ready for 5 New Electric Car Models.

Lots of Money and When It's Happening

The company has said that it will invest Rs 10,000 crore Indian rupees for this. All these models of EVs are being built on Mahindra's INGLO stakeboard platform. The company said that the first vehicle will be released by December 2024. The platform will use a blade and prismatic cell structure with a battery capacity of 60-80 kWh (unit).


Investment and Timeline

  • Rs 10,000 Crore Investment to Drive EV Innovation
  • A Glimpse into Mahindra's 3-Year EV Launch Plan

INGLO Stakeboard Platform and Battery Architecture

  • Powering the Future: INGLO Stakeboard Platform for EVs
  • Cutting-Edge Battery Architecture: 60-80 kWh Capacity and Fast Charging


Versatile Offerings: Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Models

This design can charge really quickly, like super-speedy charging up to 175 kW. The company says it can fill up 80% of the battery in just half an hour. And guess what? These cars can drive with either two wheels or all four wheels.

    Diverse Drivetrains for All: Unveiling Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Options
    Tailored Performance: Mahindra's Approach to EV Drive Models

XUV-E and BE Brands

The company said that the vehicle will be sold in 2 brands namely XUV-E and BE. Initially, two models of XUV-E, XUV E-8 and XUV E-9 will be available in the market. The XUV E-8 is slated to go on sale from December 2024.

XUV-E8 EV Four Wheelers
XUV -E8 Cars

There are three models of BE. BE-05, BE-07 and BE-09 models have been released. The company plans to put the first BE model on sale from October 2025.

  • XUV-E and BE: Mahindra's Branding Strategy for EV Lineup
  • Initial Lineup Revealed: Introducing XUV-E XUV E-8 and XUV E-9
XUV-E9 EV Four Wheelers
XUV-E9 EV Four Wheelers

BE Series: A Closer Look at the Models

The BE-05 coupe-SUV will be manufactured as a sports electric vehicle (SEV). Its headlights will include an aggressive front-end with an angular C shape, and the rest of the front design will include several sharp cuts and creases with prominent air ducts on the bonnet, the company said.

The BE-05 will feature large wheels and squared-off wheel arches in black. According to a show case unveiled in London, it has a line similar to that of a sloping roof. Similarly, the rear has upright, C-shaped tail-lamps and a hobby-style bumper. It also features a rotary control for the gear lever and a large gear selector.

  • BE-05: A Sports Electric Vehicle with Distinctive Design Elements
  • BE-07: Revamping SUV Design with Modern Upgrades
  • BE-09: The Enigmatic Four-Seater in the BE Lineup

Mahindra will launch the BE-07 SUV in October 2026. This vehicle will be completely different from BE-05. Along with the old SUV design, there will be C-shaped headlights and tail-lights.

Mahindra will make it 4565 mm in length, 1900 mm in width and 1660 mm in height. Slightly larger than the BE-05 model, this model will have the same 2775 mm wheel-base. It will be similar to the current Hyundai Creta and Mahindra XUV700.


Mahindra has not revealed when the BE-09 model will be available in the market. It will be a four-seater.

Battery and Performance Highlights

60-80 KW battery capacity will be available in these vehicles. As there will be a fast charging facility of 175 kilowatts, it will be able to charge 80 percent within 30 minutes.

Similarly, due to the arrangement of 170 to 290 kW motor, it will be possible to run 100 km per hour. According to the company, you can run up to 450 km on a single full charge.

  • Powering the Journey: 60-80 Kilowatt Battery Capacity and 175 Kilowatt Fast Charging
  • Unleashing the Potential: High-Performance Motors and Impressive Range

Going Green with Electric Cars

  •     Helping the Planet: How Mahindra's Electric Cars Make a Difference
  •     Changing the Future: What to Expect from These Exciting Electric Cars

Conclusion: A Bright Future for Cars and the Planet

Mahindra's electric cars are a big step towards cleaner and greener transportation. With their impressive features and cool designs, these cars are making driving fun and eco-friendly. We can all look forward to a better and more exciting future with these amazing electric car models from Mahindra. 

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