Poco F4 GT Specification:- Today we are here with gaming phones Xiaomi Poco F4 GT 5G launched on April 28, 2022  with 8 Gen 1 processor and 64MP back camera. If you are planning to become a gamer then you need to read out full review of this mobile phone. 

Xiaomi Poco F4 GT Specification
Poco Phone Buy or not

While Apple and Samsung are yet to make a dent in this market companies like Poco have found the biggest success in the gaming space. Price details and everything review about the Poco F4 GT is here in our article.

If you remember its very first phone the Poco F1 with huge success among gamer and anyone else looking for the best performance per dollar. Last year's releases like the Poco X3 Pro the Poco F3  and the Poco F3 GT were pretty decent gaming devices as well.

Today we have the new Poco F4 GT with us this is the cheapest snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powered phones outside of China right now starting at just 4.99 euros for the base  8GB Ram 128 GB ROM model.


Full Specification of Poco F4 GT

Display:        6.67" inch Amoled  with refresh rate upto 120Hz 

 Processor:    Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with 4nm  

RAM:            LPDDR5 8GB & 12GB

Storage: UFS3.1 128GB & 256GB

Front Camera: 20 MP

Back Camera 64 MP Primary

                     8MP Ultra Wide

                    2MP Macro 

Colors:         Stealth Black, Knight Silver, Cyber Yellow

Sim card:    Dual Simcard both 5G

Charger:    Available 120 Wattin Box

Battery:    4700 mAh (Full Charge in 17 min)

Sound:    Symmetrical Quard Speaker (Dolby Atmos)

Version: Android 12 MIUI 13 for Poco

Cable:    L-Shaped 1.5m USB-C Cable

Sim Eject:        Tool Available

Headphone:    Type C 3.5mm Headphone Adapter

Warranty:       Available 

Price:         Euro 599 for 128GB and Euro 699 for 256GB

                NPR. 65000 for 128 and NPR. 75000 for 256GB

Unboxing Poco F4 GT 2022

Upon unboxing this pretty good Poco F4 GT arrives in this standard  Poco style packaging and opening it up there's some catalogue along-with a sim ejector tool and a transparent case or cover for the protection of phone. Next up is the phone itself in this rather boring looking stealth black finish if we're being honest. Now, keeping it aside for a moment we have a 120 Watt power Charger brick and USB to USB C-cable with an L-shaped connector. Finally there's a USB C to 3.5 mm  adapter as well. So like how last year's Poco F3 GT was simply a rebranded Redmi phone the F4 GT is yet another Redmi phone in disguise more specifically the Redmi K50 gaming edition considering Xiaomi's insane  re-branding on budget phones this is nothing really.

But we feel like maybe Poco could have delayed the launch of this phone by a couple of months for the upcoming snapdragon 801 plus and why we are telling this is because Qualcomm's flagship processor for 2022 that 8 Gen 1 is quite toasty. Take a look at this 20 thread CPU throttling disc the F4 GT throttles to 62 percent of its max performance which is pretty bad. But certainly not the worst we've seen that honor goes to the Xiaomi 12 pro. 

We found that the upgraded liquid cool 3.0 cooling solution here with a dual paper chamber layer does keep the thermals in check.

Gaming in Poco F4 GT

Poco proudly highlighted that the F4 GT can handle a steady 120 fps for 120 mins straight in mobile legends bang-bang. Our test pretty much confirms the company's claims both in  terms of fps throughput and temperatures. But it's worth noting that this is not exactly a resource heavy game and in other 120 fps ready games like critical OPS and Injustice 2. We experience frequent frame drops and some performance throttling where critical OPS even defaulted to just 60 fps after just 10 to 15 minutes into the game. 

During the launch event Poco also said  that the F4 GT can deliver stable 90 fps on free fire too. But we could not find 90 fps mode here in the first place. Maybe it's arriving with a future update in this part of the world for now you can enjoy free fire with a smooth 60 fps at ultra graphics profile and the  phone's surface temperature stays at a comfortable 36 to 37 degree Celsius range even after 30 to 40 minutes into the game. 

Playing Genshin Impact on  the Poco F4 GT, manages a stable 50 to 60 fps at both high and highest graphics presets for the first 10 to 12  minutes with negligible frame drops. But after 30 minutes into the game down to 41 fps on average where the phone's temperature got quite hot too. Apart from this you can enjoy both PUBG and Call of Duty at 60 fps with 100 stability at the highest settings. The phone's peak surface temperature stays below 41 degrees Celsius even after long gaming sessions which is pretty comfortable considering the ambient  temperature on these summer days. 

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Likewise, the Poco F4 GT can also handle all your old-school emulator games just fine. But what gives this gaming phone its name is without a doubt the physical shoulder triggers you can customize its left and right buttons to set off any in-game control. But trust us these shoulder triggers are miles better over the virtual triggers that you will find on Lenovo's Legion 2 or the Asus Rog 4.5. Still, if we have to nitpick we think their tactile feedback certainly could have been a lot more premium. But this should improve over the years.

Okay moving on besides gaming.

The F4 GT's everyday performance is pretty solid too. Yes, UI experience still not as polished as compared to stock android or one UI from Samsung. But at this point, we can live with it on the other hand, the snapdragon 8 Gen 1 can handle everything you throw at it be for opening large apps or multi-tasking between them.

But one area where Poco needs to improve is software commitment as there is no official word on how many years of major OS and security patches this phone will receive.

Design of Poco F4 GT 

Okay, let's now talk about the phone's  design um for the most part we feel like  this could easily pass as a regular smartphone except for the cyber yellow color option it does not have the flashy aggressive gamer aesthetics. 

The only aspect where the F4 GT flaunts its gaming heritage is the camera module which contains everything from a flash shaped led flash and the dual led lights from app notifications charging status  to incoming calls these notification lights do serve their purpose. If you're someone like us who mostly prefers laying their phone face down when not in use and its build quality is just as impressive. 

Poco F4 GT Phones
Poco Mobile
You are getting gorilla glass victors both on the front and back this time besides the aluminum frames  they are topped off with a matte finish as well. So we haven't had to deal with fingerprints and blur quite as much here. 


Weight of Poco F4 GT

But for a gaming phone it is  naturally a bit bulky weighing 210 grams is heavy in regular use. However we did not really struggle handling it.  We would like to thanks for proper weight distribution  in it. As for the biometrics Poco has once again gone with a side mounted fingerprint reader which is incredibly fast and reliable. 


Why Poco f4 GT is not good? 

We guess only complaint about this phone as far as the design goes is that it lacks an ip53 rating like the F3 GT. If you look for the camera then better to choose other brands of phones but for gaming you could go on. 

Display of Poco F4 GT

Okay, the display the F4 GT basically has the same screen as its  predecessor with a few upgrades here and there you're looking at a gorgeous 6.7  inches 1080p flat Amoled panel with a  120 Hertz refresh weight up to 480 Hertz dot sampling rate and 10-bit color depth which means that this display produces inky blacks and vibrant punchy colors that look pleasing to the eyes. 

We are quite fond of its factory color calibration as well but if you would like to tinker with the RGB levels color temperatures and everything else there's that option too it has excellent outdoor visibility and the auto-brightness feature works perfectly fine its viewing angle is not exactly bad. But this screen is subject to a greenish color shift when looking at it from the sides.

Video Streaming on Poco F4 GT
Poco also offers widevine L1 and HDR 10 plus certification here so streaming hdr videos. On this display is absolute blast on youtube and Netflix, on the other hand, the phone also implements a dynamic refresh rate which means that it can switch between 60 and  120 Hertz to save power. 

However, we found that it's not well optimized since the display sometimes stays at a steady 120 Hertz even when selecting the auto-refresh rate option.Then again you won't find micro stutters or lags when scrolling through the  phone's UI and for all the night owls out there this display has an incredible 1920 Hertz dimming to prevent screen flickering when you are sneakily gaming under the sheet or something.

Speaker/Audio in Poco F4 GT 

In terms of audio, the  F4 GT boosts a quad-speaker system with support for Dolby Atmos and Hi-res audio apart from two driver units the company has included two tweeters for crisp highs needless to say its audio quality is quite pristine. As it sounds full balanced and with excellent dynamic range plus we found it does not distort at the highest volume levels as well. Still in all we wish Poco brought back the 3.5 mm headphone jack since this is a gaming phone after all regardless its haptics deserve some praise as the vibration feedback from its x-axis motor is exactly the way we like it strong and precise.

Poco F4 GT
Poco F4 GT Speaker

Call quality is decent too although Poco is still using an inferior virtual proximity sensor here.

Camera in Poco F4 GT 

Talking about the cameras and its performance honestly is not that bad for a gaming phone. Here Poco has switched from Omni Vision sensor to Sony IMX686 with 64MP main camera with ultra-wide 8MP and macro shooters 2MP remain the same as last year the front camera has also been upgraded to a 20MP Sony IMX596 sensors.

The regular daytime shots are a bit on the vibrant and punchier side. But most of the time they look quite all right under the right lighting conditions you can expect nice photos with decent contrast and dynamic range. Still we would not exactly call it reliable enough since the F4 GT shoots widely greenish or yellowish images at times. Whereas, it is subject to color fringing too wide-angle shots do switch to a  noticeably cooler hue. But they are not  that very well detailed and also suffer from bad exposure maintenance and since the phone lacks OIS low light images do come off looking hazy sometimes. 

Poco F4 GT Camera
Poco F4 GT Camera

However, turning on night mode gets you a lot nicer image with better HDR processing and noise control even  portraits are a hit or a miss here well  mostly miss  Poco's image processing usually paints  the subjects with a jarring yellow tint but under good lighting conditions it can deliver decent photos. 


Selfies in Poco F4 GT

When it comes to selfies it favors a  smoothened skin tone despite all the beautification options turned off skin tone also looks pale sometimes. So, we hope the company fixes all of this with an  update sometime very soon.

Videos Shooting in Poco F4 GT

Since, this phone is for the purpose of gaming we couldn't aspect much more. But for videos the Poco F4 GT maxes out at 4k 60fps recordings and even though there's only electronic image stabilization onboard. We are impressed to see pretty steady videos across all the resolutions. Here unfortunately there is still no 4k recording option from the front camera. The dynamic range and exposure control in selfie videos are not that great either all in all the camera performance of the Poco F4 GT is not its strongest suit. This phone still lags behind camera phones like the galaxy a73, especially in photos but for a gaming phone with such an incredible value for money there have to be compromises somewhere. 


Battery Life of Poco F4 GT

Finally, it's time to talk about the battery life despite the phone's marginally thicker and heavier build quality Poco has sadly downsized the battery size to 4700 mAH (milliamp-hour) unit. We think this sacrifice is to accumulate the impressive cooling system. We discussed earlier under our moderate usage the Poco F4 GT manage just about five to six hours of screen on time though in longer gaming sessions into the mix then that number will drop by a couple of hours easily. Charging of this phone is super fast though as it goes from two to hundred percent in just 17 minutes or 27 minutes when you're gaming using the 120 Watt charger.  

Poco F4 GT Battery live
Poco Phone Review

Buy or not Poco F4 GT?

Okay, wrapping it all up the Poco F4 GT is yet another terrific gaming phone from the company coming from the Poco F3 GT the performance upgrade here is big. we mean the 8 Gen 1 is on a whole different level compared to the diamond CD 1200. But more importantly the company has also installed quite an effective vapor chamber cooling solution which ensures great sustained performance over time. Even though its cameras are still  not on par with the competition it has gotten considerably better which we think is mostly because of the snapdragon chip's superior image signal processor. 

Moreover, its build quality its display and its speakers are really good too. So if you're looking for a reliable gaming phone especially at the starting price of 4.99 euros we can easily recommend the  Poco F4 GT to you. Yes, it has a few shortcomings like the cameras a better optimization for high fps games and the lack of guaranteed software  updates. But that's something you can overlook if a pure bang for bug is what you're shopping for. So thanks all for reading our detailed very elaborate review of  the Poco F4 GT


We will also be coming up with reviews of the Poco mobile other models and other brands of Smartphones too so don't forget to  visit our website in future for those content and if you like this article don't forget to give a comment below and share with your friends.

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FAQ on Poco F4 GT Mobile

Q1. Will there be Poco F5 GT ?

Ans: Definitely, Poco F5 Gt will be launching soon. 


Q2. What is expected iPhone 14?

Ans: The expectation from Poco F4 GT is gaming performance and Camera.


Q3. Is Poco F4 GT 5G?

Ans: Yes, Poco F4 GT is 5G. 

Q4. How does Poco F4 Gt cost in Nepal?

Ans: Poco F4 GT cost Rs. 65000 for 128 GB and Rs. 75000 for 256 GB.

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