Samsung Galaxy A73 Full Specification:- Hello! Today with us is the new Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is the most premium A series Galaxy Smartphone of the year 2022 that means except for the entry-level galaxy A73. We have covered every new galaxy a phone of 2022 so far. We put the link below inside our article to make you easier to find out other Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones. 


Samsung A73 Price in Nepal & India
Samsung Galaxy A73 in India and Nepal

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Full Specification Price in Nepal & India 

  • Chipset Processor Snapdragon 778G Chipset 6nm
  • Dimensity 1200 
  • Android Version : Android 12 based on One UI 4.1
  • Updates Available: 4 years of Android Update
  • Security Updates: 5 Years Updates
  • Dust & Water Resistant Rate: ip67 
  • Colors Available: White, Black, Mint
  • Battery Life:- 5000 mAh
  • Charger for A73 25 Watt
  1. 108 MP (OIS) Primary Wide
  2. 5 MP Micro Lens
  3. 12 MP Primary Wide
  4. 5 MP Depth Lens
Price of A73 5G in Nepal
  1. 8GB+256GB cost Rs. 73,000
Price of Samsung Galaxy A73 5G in India
  1. INR 42,000 for 8GB Ram plus 128GB Storage
  2. INR 45,000 for 8GB Ram plus 256GB Storage

Detail Price of Samsung Galaxy A73 

We have been using the galaxy A73 for just few days now and in this article let us share with you our brief experience so far with the most premium Galaxy a phone of the year. 

So how much does the most premium galaxy a phone of 2022 cost you might be wondering well it sure does not come cheap here in Nepal the phone's a 256GB variant goes for a whopping 73,000 rupees and in India the A73 starts at 42,000 Indian rupees for the base 128GB variant that's roughly 20 higher than last year's galaxy A72 but Samsung is throwing in a couple of interesting offers as a part of the pre-order deal valid until April 8th 2022.


Price of A73 in Nepal

8GB+256GB cost Rs. 73,000

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Price of Samsung Galaxy A73 in India

INR 42,000 for 8GB Ram plus 128GB Storage

INR 45,000 for 8GB Ram plus 256GB Storage

Those who reserve the galaxy A73 will get buds live worth rupees 7,000 Indian rupees for just 500 rupees and then there is 3,000 bank discount as a special introductory offer as well but just like other cheaper a series phones you still won't find a charger inside the box this time.

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No Charger available in A73

And, that makes for the perfect s fast 65 watt power delivery charger is perfect to charge all your power delivery compatible devices like mac-books, iPhone, iPad and Samsung phones including the galaxy A73. 

There are two usbc and usb-a ports on board with a maximum 65 watt output which means that it makes for a great travel companion since you can charge multiple devices with just this one power brick and it ships with a braided usb-c to usb-c cable for superior durability compared to the regular plastic wrap cables learn more about it at the link given in the description below


Samsung Galaxy A73 Chipset

Now, disregarding the lack of a charger inside the box if you look at what's powering the galaxy A73 it's quite underwhelming for the price for us. The snapdragon 778G Chipset 6nm is simply too under powerful for a phone in this class. We mean you can literally get a 778G power device that costs less than half as much. So we think Samsung should have at the very least gone with Dimensity 1200 or snapdragon 870 chip here or maybe even the new diamond city 8100. 

Chipset Processor Snapdragon 778G Chipset 6nm

Dimensity 1200 


Game Play in Samsung Galaxy A73

But let us emphasize that if you don't play resource heavy games or juggle through a bunch of apps at a time the galaxy A73 is not going to disappoint performance wise. We managed to play a couple of sessions of pubg and get an impact here and the phone handled both of them surprisingly well especially in terms of thermals for instance at HDR graphics and ultra frame rates. We got a steady 40 fps on pubg with zero frame drops or starters after around 15 minutes into the game. 

The CPU temperature rose to 38 degree Celsius although the phone were incredibly comfortable to hold the engine impact did bring the galaxy A73 to its knees at the highest settings. 

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But that's to be expected the phone got warm pretty quickly and it delivered roughly 30 fps on average with frequent frame drops every now and then. But considering how hot Kathmandu is in these summer days the temperature readings we are seeing here are quite remarkable. 


Android Version of Samsung Galaxy A73

Besides gaming regular everyday performance should be no trouble here either on the software front it runs on android 12 based on One UI 4.1 right out of the box and like Samsung's flagship phones. They also guarantee four generations of OS and five years of security updates on the galaxy A73. 

Therefore, the phone should age better over the years at least in theory. But we are not sure just how well the snapdragon 770 ag will hold up in 2026. As apps and android itself gets more resource hungry with time we think the snapdragon 778 g simply might not be able to keep up okay. 

Android Version : Android 12 based on One UI 4.1

Updates Available: 4 years of Android Update

Security Updates: 5 Years Updates


Similarities of A73 With others Phones

Keeping that aside the galaxy A73 is one good looking phone it's a pretty visually similar to the Galaxy A72 or the newer entries in this lineup. But that's not a bad thing at all Samsung has even borrowed elements from the premium galaxy S22 and S22 plus. 

Squared off form factor and glossy frames but keep in mind that both the back panel and the frames here are still plastic made and it does feel quite light too. Although, the phone does not feel cheap or anything on the other hand it is quite a tall phone. So handling the galaxy A73 single-handed is a bit of a struggle for someone with small hands. 


Samsung Galaxy A73 Colors Options

Anyway it comes in a bunch of fun color options such as black, white and grey, mint and we are absolutely loving this mint finish besides looking cool Samsung has also ensured better durability here since them galaxy A73 is ip67 rated against dust and water damage. 

Dust & Water Resistant Rate: ip67 

Colors Available: White, Black, Mint Blue


Display of Samsung Galaxy A73

Another thing that Samsung does really really well is the display here the galaxy A73 6.7" inches super Amoled plus screen is a total visual treat. Ok, everything from colors contrast to brightness levels are top notch here it also supports HDR playback on streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. 

Display 6.7" inches Super Amoled Plus Gorilla Glass 5


Speaker on A73

So the media consumption experience on the galaxy A73 should be very good complementing it is a set of stereo speakers that deliver balanced audio with nice mids and highs as well. 


Display Refresh Rate of A73

This display now refreshes at a smoother 120 hertz too but unfortunately it does not implement adaptive refresh rate deck yet because of this the phone blasts 120 hertz at all times which should take a toll on the battery life. 


Battery Life of A73

We obviously, have been able to test its battery insurance.Here battery life is good for at least a day's worth of usage. We are sure to after the test that the battery life is amazing according to it's price. The Battery with 5000 mAh is good enough for watching movies, playing games, and other daily preferred activities.  

Battery Life:- 5000 mAh

Charger for A73 25 Watt 

Finger Sensor Rate

This oled screen also hosts an in-display fingerprint sensor underneath which is fairly fast enough for Samsung standard. However, it is located so low we had to reposition our hand every time we unlocked the phone so it will take some getting used to all right one of the main talking points. 


Camera of Samsung Galaxy A73

Part of the whole awesome DNA of the galaxy A73 is its cameras this is the first time. Samsung has used a 108 megapixel sensor in its non flagship phones even though it is common use on mid-range phones from xiaomi and reviewer us and based on a couple of photos 

We've managed to click so far. We found that Samsung has gone with a relatively toned down color processing here. As a result images from the primary camera look close to natural with plenty of details and nice dynamic range the ultra wide shots are subject to minor color shift.

But that's all right then again our biggest gripe with its camera system has to be the fact that Samsung has skipped on a telephoto lens. This time if you remember the galaxy A72 featured an 8 megapixel three times telephoto camera instead there's now a 5 megapixel depth sensor and the usual 5 megapixel micro lens. 

Anyway, we will be testing its camera thoroughly to see if this 108 megapixel camera is any better than the 64 megapixel shooter. We get on the cheaper galaxy A53 and A52S It would be interesting to see if it beats other camera phones at this price segment such as the one-plus 9rt and the iq9.

But still from what we can tell from our first impression is if the galaxy A73 only had a more competitive processor as we mentioned earlier it could have been an ideal premium midway smartphone 


  • 108 MP (OIS) Primary Wide
  • 5 MP Micro Lens
  • 12 MP Primary Wide
  • 5 MP Depth Lens



So, guys that's about it for today's article let us know if you guys have any queries regarding the galaxy A73 down in the comments below and we will cover if there is anything left. 

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