Buy 0% EMI Smartphones:- EMI also known as Equated Monthly Installment. You know that in most of the developed countries like Australia, USA, Japan etc. general people by smartphones on EMI. Today we discuss about how you could buy Smartphone in EMI if you are in Nepal. This service has been introduced in Nepal in August 2022. 

Buy 0% EMI Smartphone in Nepal
Buy 0% EMI Smartphone in Nepal

At the past time you required credit cards for EMI service.  Up to 18 percent of interest charged while buying iPhone. Service Charge was very high and processing time was more than four business days.

But now In Nepal you could buy Samsung Smartphones in Nepal with 0 % Interest on EMI without credit card by just filling form by yourself within 10 minutes you could get your favorite phones with certain 40 % amount of down payment. Read full article because you gonna get lots of information that is into your mind regarding EMI.

Benefits of buying Smartphone in EMI

No need a Credit Card
No interest Rate
No Service Charge
No long processing time

Buy Samsung Smartphones on EMI

You could buy following phones in 0% EMI from all over Nepal according to your wish.

  • Budget Smartphones
  • Midrange Smartphones
  • Flagship Smartphones
  • Tablet

Where to Buy Samsung Smartphones on 0% EMI

  • Samsung Nepal
  • Him Electronics Selected Retailers
  • Samsung Plaza, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

EMI Time Period for Samsung Smartphones

Flagship Phones

  • 12 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Smartphones includes Fold, S Series

Budget/Medium Range Phones

  • Only 6 Months EMI time period is available. 
  • M Series, A Series and F Series 

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Down Payment on EMI

Smartphones price ranging from NPR 30,000 (30 Thousand) to 5,00,000 (5 Lakh) is available for EMI service. Down payment is 40% of total price of smartphone. Suppose you bought NPR 1 Lakh mobile then you need to pay 40 thousand as down payment to the seller. This is compulsory to be paid.

Documents Required for Employee to buy Samsung Phones in EMI

This type of EMI document are for the monthly salaried employees all over Nepal where EMI is accepted.

  • Salary Sheet(Pay Slip) by Employer
  • Bank Statement (Validating Salary Sheet)
  • Citizenship/Voter's ID (National Identity)
  • One Passport Sized Photo
  • One own family person as witness with Citizenship photocopy and a passport sized photo

Note: You will be checked that how much amount phone you could by according to your salary.

Document Required for Businessman to Buy Smartphone in EMI

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Letter
  • Current Year Audit Report
  • Share Certificate (If Applicable)
  • One own family person as witness with Citizenship photocopy and a passport sized photo

Document Required for Business Owner to Buy Smartphone in EMI

  • Lalpurja Photocopy (House/Land Ownership Doc Photocopy)
  • Electricity Bill
  • House Rent as Income Source
  • One own family person as witness with Citizenship photocopy and a passport sized photo

How Much EMI Should I Pay Monthly?

If you bought Rs. 1 Lakh Phone you have the following payment plan on EMI
40% Down Payment Rs. 40,000

  • Total EMI Rs. 60,000
  • EMI Duration 6 Months for Mid-range Phones
  • Monthly EMI payment Rs. 10,000 for 6 months
  • EMI payment Should be done within 15th days after completion of every month otherwise you will be charged 2%.
  • EMI payment can be done through Khalti, eSewa, or Hulas Fin Serve Office located at Teku.

(Note: No other charges and Interest are payable)

Income Coverage Ratio (ICR) for EMI while buying Smartphones

This is the ratio of Average Saving amount divided by Monthly EMI amount {Example, 20,000/7000= 2.85 (More than 1.65)}. This ratio shows that your eligible for EMI because your Income Coverage ratio is 2.85 which is greater than 1.65.

Process for Buying Smartphone in 0% EMI in Nepal

After you enter in the shop or retailer store you need to follow certain steps to buy Samsung Phones in EMI. 

  • Go to the Counter tell about buying smartphone in EMI
  • Provide above mentioned required documents
  • Fill up the form provided by seller
  • Verification of ICR ratio and Income Source is done
  • Signature by witness and mobile buyer
  • Pay the down payment Amount on cash or online
  • Get your favorite phone in EMI


We hope that this article is much more helpful to you as we shred about hassel free 0% EMI service recently introduced in Nepal for the people who don't have bulk amount of money and buy smartphone on installment without paying any charges and without using credit card. 


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