Samsung S22 Ultra price in Nepal:- Ok, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is the hybrid of the S21 Ultra as well as the Note 20 Ultra. It's the first time that a phone will be a hybrid of two phones but it's happening and it's due to Samsung merging their S and Note lineup in their smartphone. 

Samsung S22 Ultra price in Nepal
Samsun Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Specification Price

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra/Note Price in Nepal, Full Specification

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is already turning out to be a great upgrade to those looking for better camera performance and for those who like to push their handset to the limits, means the power users as the chipset going inside this handset will have the best graphic power capability even better than Apple's latest iPhones. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Full Specifications

Dimension:- Will be Updated soon

Display  :-     6.8- inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display

Sim:-     Dual sims

Resolution :-1,080*2,460 pixels (Will be updated soon)

OS          :-   Android 12

Chipset   :-   Exynos 2200 - Global Qualcomm Snapdragon 895

Storage     :-  256 GB/512GB/ 1TB (Terra Bite)

SD card slot :- not available

RAM:-  S22 with 8 GB and S22 Ultra with 16 GB

Camera     :- Front 40MP Selfie Camera

Sound:-  Loudspeakers with stereo speakers,3.5 mm headphone

Battery   :- 5000mAh, Li-ion,non-removable Fast 25W to 6000mAh

Colors:- Black, white, Pink Gold, Dark Red

Price     :- Between Rs. 150,000 - Rs.. 161,000 

Detail Information about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Storage Expandability

Now, we know already that neither of the S22 variants will have a microSD card slot for expandable storage. The S21 Ultra didn't have it either but the Note 20 Ultra did and it left many Note fans disappointed when they know that the S22 Ultra will not have this useful feature. But it looks like Samsung is kind of making up for this by introducing this option. 

Samsung S22 Ultra Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Price is Rs. 115,000 to   Rs.. 161,000 which is calculated in Nepali price.


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Storage Capacity

You see recently we got to know the storage options of all the S22 variants. The S22 and S22+ will max out at 256GB while the S22 Ultra will go up to 512GB of internal storage. But now it looks like the S22 Ultra will go even further than 512GB. According to Sammobile who have a good track record, Samsung will also offer a 1TB variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is great news. We mean with all this new tech that is guaranteed to take up enormous amounts of space, not having expandable storage is not positive things launching in our opinion. But guys at least now there's an option of 1TB internal storage capacity.

RAM Detail 

And, there is one good piece of news that we're sure Samsung S22 Ultra will be paired with 16GB RAM. Most people don't need this amount of storage but for those who do, now there will be an option.

Body Design

Moving on, we've seen the live image of the S22 Ultra and the body design does seem to look literally identical to the Note 20 Ultra. But guys we're not going to see the same thing happen with the S22 and S22+. He says the Galaxy S22 will have the narrowest body and chin of all the smartphones that are going to be launched in 2022. 


Next, some of you might have seen that S22 Ultra information lately has revealed some numbers of the Exynos 2200 that will land on the S22 alongside the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. We don't think these numbers are true so we weren't going to even mention it in this article but the fact that many big websites are covering this and a lot of you were commenting here as well so let me tell you why he may have got the wrong information this time. 

You see both Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Exynos 2200 are using the same cluster of cores for the CPU with a little difference in frequency which means more or less they should offer the same CPU performance. They are going to differ massively in GPU, though since both of them are using totally different technology. But on the CPU part, the performance should be almost the same. Qualcomm said their new chipset is 20% faster in CPU compared to 888, which also had similar CPU performance as Exynos 2100, by the way. 

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This means the Exynos 2200 should also have the same performance increase as the 8 Gen 1 give or take a handful of % points. But some of them say the Exynos 2200 is only 5% faster than Exynos 2100 which clearly doesn't sit right with the numbers we have. So we would say these numbers are most likely inaccurate. Wait for the official event from Samsung for the Exynos 2200 which will likely take place in February.

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