Samsung S21 FE 5G Price Specification:- Hello! Guys today we have come up with another new smartphone launched by Samsung Company for its loyal users in the opening of 2022. This Smartphone was launched in 2021 but due to Chip shortage it has been launched after chip is made available. Lets know the price, specification, features, camera details of S21 FE 5G Phone now.

Full specification of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Display : 6.4 inches full HD plus 120Hz dynamic AMOLED

Colors Available: olive green, white, graphite and lavender

Weight: 177 grams it's quite lightweight

Body Frame: aluminum frame instead of plastic

Durability: Inbuilt gorilla glass victus protection

Audio Effect: stereo effect

Battery: 4500 mah Battery for the long use of this smart phone 

Camera: 32 megapixel selfie shooter

               12 megapixel ultra-wide angle sensor

                12 megapixel Primary (OIS) 

                8 megapixel telephoto lens( OIS)

Update: at-least three generations of platform upgrades and four years of security updates as well 

Price:  $699 for 6GB Ram and 128

             $769 for 8GB Ram with 256GB

Samsung S21 FE 5G Price Specification
Samsung S21 FE 5G Price Specification

Full detail of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Hey guys the first Samsung smartphone of 2022 is here this is the Samsung galaxy S21 FE which was slated to launch way back in October last year but got delayed because of the chip shortage that's been haunting the tech world for some time now it was even rumored to get cancelled but the phone has finally seen the light of day and today we are going to talk about its features.


Price of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 

Price start from $699 for 6GB Ram and 128 Disk Storage Capacity and $769 for 8GB Ram and compacted with 256GB Storage available. 

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The first thing that we instantly noticed after holding this phone is that it just does not feel that premium at 177 grams it's quite lightweight which means that we have solely missed the heft that we are used to from a flagship smartphone the reason it's so light is that Samsung has used a poly-carbonate back here which unexpectedly feels a bit cheap compared to the glass back finish of the galaxy s21.

Body Design

The plastic back is more prone to scratches as well and if history is any indication it might even suffer from discoloration after a few months of use so we will definitely recommend you use a case or a skin with this one moving on from the back one might also mistake the galaxy S21 FE4 Samsung's mid-tier galaxy A52 so maybe Samsung could have refreshed its design a little bit as well regardless this is still a good looking phone.


we are absolutely loving this olive green variant that we have with us while it is also available in white graphite and lavender options.


thankfully Samsung is offering a match back finish here instead of a glossy one so we haven't gotten any fingerprints and smudges so far and since it has an aluminum frame instead of plastic.


the galaxy s21 FE should be more durable than your typical mid-range smartphones moreover the front of this phone also houses a gorilla glass victus protection that should provide you with better protection against drops likewise it is ip68 dust and water resistant like its expensive siblings do okay.


as for the audio you get a dual speaker setup on this phone which creates a stereo effect through the bottom firing speaker and the microphone unit on the top the sound quality we would say is pretty good it's loud and it's immersive but playing it side by side with the galaxy s 21 plus you can certainly notice the difference the s21 plus sounds slightly fuller and louder with boosted vocals and instruments

Vibration Motor

anyway something that we noticed right away after switching to the s21 FE is the lack of a good vibration motor its hepatics is not as strong as we would prefer at least not for such a relatively premium smartphone  in this regard the s21 FE feels almost mid-range.

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plus you don't get an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor here either although this optical fingerprint sensor's performance is quite fast and reliable on the front.


There's a 6.4 inches full HD plus 120Hz dynamic AMOLED display here as you can see it's minimal bezels are somewhat thicker than the ones on the galaxy s21 plus but it's not a deal breaker in any way and let us just tell you that this is an amazing screen to look at we mean we had been briefly using the s21 plus before this one and we honestly don't see that much of a difference between the two the s21 FE display is bright and features the same 120 hertz refresh weight with 240 horsepower sampling rate that triggers when playing games the only major difference is that there is no ltpo back-plane technology built in here what this means is that the galaxy s21 fest display cannot adjust its refresh rate based on the content being displayed as a result its battery might not last as long as the s21 plus despite both of them featuring a somewhat similar battery capacity now we have been using this phone for just about a day.


This smartphone is inbuilt with 4500 MAh Battery for the long use of this smart phone. At this time we think this will not fulfill the battery demand of the users. Likewise the s21 FE supports 25 watt fast charging  but sadly you don't get the compatible charger inside the box and if we remember correctly this is the first time Samsung has skipped a charger on a non-flagship phone.


all right on the performance side of things you get either Exynos 2100 or snapdragon 888 depending on your region um here in south Asia we get the Exynos 2100 variant we've seen this chip in action before and we know that it's not as powerful as the snapdragon 888 or apple's A15 bionic but what we also know is that it sure is not a slouch after all the Exynos 2100 is still a flagship Chipset um during our brief time with the phone.

Update Facility

 Our day-to-day activities alongside multitasking and some gaming have given us nothing major to complain about yet by the way this is also the first Samsung phone to run on android 12 best one user interface for out of the box whereas the galaxy S21 and FE will receive at least three generations of platform upgrades and four years of security updates as well.


Yes, the cameras before we got the S21 FE we were very curious to know if it will bring a flagship camera set up well for the most part it certainly does there's a triple camera setup at the back consisting of a 12 megapixel ultra-wide, 12 megapixel Primary (OIS) and 8 megapixel telephoto lens both equipped with OIS and a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor although this telephoto camera is not a high resolution 64 megapixel sensor like on the galaxy s 21 plus it still is capable of three times optical and 30 times digital zooms as expected the images from the S21 FE telephoto camera are slightly lacking in detail compared to the ones from the galaxy s21 plus.

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The other point of difference is color optimization which we found to be slightly better on the galaxy s21 plus especially when it comes to exposure control both the normal and ultra wide angle photos from either phones look almost the same though except for the color reproduction s21 plus delivers a slight popping colors while the FE tones it down a little bit on the other hand the S21 FE uses its three-time telephoto lens for portraits while the s2m1 plus uses two times digital zoom like the normal daytime shots there's a slight color variation between the two when it comes to portraits but we kind of like them both even night time images are almost the same here but something that we noticed is that the S21 FE takes a longer time to process the night mode images compared to the galaxy s21 plus then again the resulting images are incredibly similar.

Moving on the galaxy S21 FE features a 32 megapixel selfie shooter as opposed to the 10 megapixel sensor on the x21 plus despite this we like the output from the s21 plus instead because of its superior color science S21 FE output is kind of mid-range with a tinge of red tint okay.

In terms of videos there's no 8k recording mode here but you do have the option to shoot up to 4k 60 fps from both the rear and front cameras and its overall quality is quite comparable to the galaxy s21 plus weirdly enough the s21fe does not crop the footage from the front camera for stabilization like the S21 plus as a result its 4k 60fps selfie footage are slightly shaky.


Okay summarizing our initial impressions of the S21 FE well it has been good so far since last year's galaxy S20 FE we've been really fond of the concept of a fan edition smartphone from a brand like Samsung and we think such devices are certainly a much better value than say a premium mid-range Smartphone with the s21 FE Samsung has cut corners in some aspects like providing a plastic design and skipping on an ltpo screen on top of the slightly downgraded haptics however it does not miss out on the core flagship experience but the competition in the semi flagship territory is incredibly fierce right now you have the google pixel six that's a hundred dollars cheaper while last year's iPhone 12 sells at a similar price likewise the one-plus 9 rt is launching in the global market very soon as well therefore it will be interesting to see how the S21 FE stacks up with the competition.

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