Barahi Hydropower IPO:- Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO to the public from 21st Mangshir 2079. If you have money to invest and regularly apply for Hydropower IPO issued then this could be a best opportunity to double your income. Follow the simple steps to apply this Hydropower IPO share reading this article and also know about the company.

Barahi Hydropower IPO
Barahi Hydropower IPO

Barahi Hydropower Public Limited Symbol

The Barahi Hydropower Public Limited symbol is BHPL. You could name Barahi Hydropower and in symbolically as BHPL IPO.


Barahi Hydropower IPO Dates & Time

In the initial public offering Barahi Hydropower ipo is going issue from 21st Mangshir 2079. In a hurry there will be five days to apply for this IPO till 25th Mangshir 2079. If the Issued Share is not occupied by the applicants then further 10 day will be added and the IPO issue date will be extended to 5th Poush 2079.

  • IPO Issue Start Date: 21st Mangshir 2079
  • IPO ending Date(Hurry): 25th Mangshir 2079 & Time 5:00 PM
  • IPO Ending Final Date: 5th Poush 2079 & Time 5:00 PM

About Barahi Hydropower Public Ltd.

Barahi Hydropower Public Limited is the hydropower company which is based on power production. This Barahi Hydropower was established on Bhadra 7 2072 in Office of Company Registrar. The head office of Barahi Hydropower Public Limited is situated at Babarmahal Kathmandu.This company started hydropower production with capacity of 1.5 Mega Watt since 24th Asar 2074 in Baglung district, Kushmisera and Sharkua Village Development Committe Border.

The price of Per Mega Watt is 20 Crores, 81 Lakhs, 45 thousand and 901 (Rs. 20,81,45,901) and the Total cost of the project was Rs. 31,22,18,859 on Fiscal year 2075/076. In general, it could return the invest money within 10 years and 6 month and in discounted the investment could be returned in 20 years and 6 months. 

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Share Apply Quantity

As per the share invitation letter by the company, amounting Rs. 5,54,00,000/- which becomes 554,000 Units shares has been issued for public offering including 2% percent that is equals to 11,080 shares have been reserved for employees and 5% percent or 27,700 shares for collective investment funds.

The general public investors could only apply for the remaining 5,15,220 units shares out of total issue. Our suggestion is not to apply for more than 10 units but this does not means that you cannot apply more. Its on your hand to apply the required quantity of shares.

  • Total Share Issued: 554,000 Units
  • Reserved for Employees: 11,080 Units
  • Reserved for Mutual Fund: 27,700 Units
  • General Public Can Apply: 5,15,220 Units 

How to Apply Shrijanshil Laghubitta IPO Share

You can apply visiting the nearest bank and financial institution that are participating in the CASBA service as well as through meroshare app, website and software to apply this share.

  1. Login to your Meroshare account
  2. Go to My ASBA
  3. Click on Apply Barahi Hydropower Share IPO
  4. Choose your bank, select the units, Type CRN Number
  5. Click Next
  6. Type 4 Digit Pin 
  7. Apply for share

Care Rating Nepal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu ICRA Nepal has given B Minus (Issuer) rating for Barahi Hydropower Public Limited IPO.This shows that the position of the company is high risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations (ICRANP-IR) B- which is pronounced as ICRA NP Issuer Rating B Minus. This also shows the hydropower is more at the risker side to invest.

NIBL Ace Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue and sales manager for issuing the IPO of Barahi Hydro IPO.  


Barahi Hydropower Net Worth Detail 

Reserved Profit/Loss (Rs. in Thousand) in Fiscal year 2075/076 is (62,355), 2076/077 is (62,170),  2077/078 is (58,918) and 2078/079 is (47,781).


Per share Net Worth (Rs.) in Fiscal Year 2075/076 is 59, 2076/077 is 59.95, 2077/078 is 64.97 and 2078/079 is 73.45   

Per share Income (Rs.) in Fiscal Year 2075/076 is (15.20), 2076/077 is 0.12, 2077/078 is 1.93 and 2078/079 is 6.19.


Profitibality in Net Worth (%) in Fiscal Year 2075/076 is (25.76), 2076/077 is 0.20, 2077/078 is 2.97 and 2078/079 is 8.42.



If you have any confusion applying the Barahi Hydro share then you could directly contact by the means of comment. There are a lots of IPO coming in the future you could visit this website in future.

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