City Hotel Limited IPO Result Date:- City Hotel Limited (CITYHL) that owns 5- star hotel Hyatt Palace Hotel is set to allot its Initial Public Offering (IPO) result on the 5th Friday of Jestha, 2023. Lets, Know the IPO allotment date, sales manager, numbers of applicants and numbers of allotted applicants in detail. 


City Hotel IPO allotmen Date
City Hotel IPO Allotment Date

Allotment and Timeline

The IPO allotment announcement of City Hotel Limited to be held at 8:30 AM on Friday morning as per Global IME Capital, the Sales Manager of City Hotel in the City Hotel limited. This announcement marked the beginning of the IPO process.

IPO Announcement and Sales Manager

Global IME Capital, serving as the Sales Manager, made the official announcement for the IPO of City Hotel Limited, generating anticipation among potential investors.

IPO Details and Applicant Response

During the IPO period, which spanned from the 25th to the 28th of Baisakh, 2080, City Hotel Limited offered 1,355,940 units for general sale. The response from applicants was significant, with a large number of individuals expressing interest in acquiring shares.

IPO Offering and Applicant Statistics

By the end of the IPO, City Hotel Limited received a remarkable response from the applicants. A total of 1,161,280 individuals applied for a staggering 12,788,990 shares, showcasing the high demand for the company's IPO.

Allotment and Share Distribution

Out of the pool of applicants, 135,594 lucky individuals will be allocated shares at a rate of Rs. 10 per share. Global IME Capital Limited, as the Sales Manager, will oversee the distribution process, ensuring fair allocation to the fortunate applicants.

Rating and Risk Assessment

The rating and risk assessment play a crucial role in evaluating the financial standing and stability of a company. Let's explore the rating assigned to City Hotel Limited for its IPO.

Care NP Double B+ Issuer Rating

City Hotel Limited has been assigned a Care NP Double B+ Issuer Rating by Care Rating Nepal, based on Care Rating for the IPO issue. This rating indicates that the company carries an average risk in its ability to handle its liabilities.


Secondary Market Opening Price Prediction

The price prediction of City Hotel Limited is as per Net worth of per share price value. The per share net worth is Rs. 79.04. The opening price range of City Hotel Limited in the secondary market is Rs. 83 to Rs. 263. In the opening day there is shortage of this share. If you want to sell this share then wait for at least one week in the secondary market if share is allotted for you. 


In summary, City Hotel Limited IPO has collect significant attention and response from potential investors. With a thorough understanding of the timeline, offering, applicant statistics, allotment process, and rating, investors can make informed decisions regarding their participation in this exciting opportunity.

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