Credit Debit and Dollar Card Difference:- Currently Bank and Financial Institutions are providing different types of card. We all know that bank provide ATM visa Card commonly to us. We also know that ATM card are used to withdraw money from ATM machines even at the time of holiday.

Credit Debit and Dollar Card Difference
Card Difference

Today we are going to talk about the different cards provided by the bank to its customers on their demand. Credit, Debit and Dollar prepaid card are provided by the bank. Use of these cards, how we can use this card, benefits of issuing the cards, etc. are available in this article.


Visa Debit Card

Firstly, let us know where we could use Visa Debit Card issued by the bank. We know that you all are using this debit card to withdraw money from the ATM counter. If you purchased some items from a shopping mall then you could pay its cost using the visa debit card. Swipe the Visa Debit card in the small portable machine to pay while shopping. 

Debit Card work without interruption if only you have deposited money into your bank account. Without depositing money in your bank you cannot use Visa Debit Card. Firstly, deposit money in the bank account and use a Visa Debit card. If your account is having zero balance then you cannot use this card. 

You can also take part in different discount offers in online stores like Daraz, gyapu, using Visa Debit Card. For online shopping also you could use a Visa debit card inside the card issuing country. 

You can use a debit card in ATM machines, shopping Malls and online local stores for purchasing goods. This card does not accept international payment services.

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Credit Card

If you have a credit card then let's know the use of it as well. If you are holding a credit card but have no money in your bank account. Bank charges extra money for using credit card. If you purchased any items using a credit card then you need to pay an extra service fee to the bank. Some bank charges a low service fee while some bank charges high service fee. There is a monthly transaction limit using Credit Card without a balance in your bank account you can spend less than 1 lakh. 

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You need to pay a yearly charge for using a debit card which differs from bank to bank. The benefit of a credit card without a balance also you could get discounts up to 20% in shopping Malls. Payment for online shopping like Daraz, Thulo, etc. 

But you cannot use Credit Card in the ATM machine to withdraw money. But, online shopping is possible. This card does not accept international payment gateway services.

Prepaid Dollar Card

Prepaid Dollar Card which is also known as Master Card, is used to purchase products from the website accepting dollar amount. We can also buy google play gift cards, PUBG and Free-fire diamonds. We could also boost our website and Facebook page using this dollar card.

A Dollar Card is also used for the international online payment service that accepts dollar currency.

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We hope that you all are clear about these three cards in detail. If you are thinking of getting any of the above cards then comment to us on which card are you applying for? Which card do you like the most? Comment us below. 


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